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“On Saturday, September 21, 93 year old world-renowned speaker and bestselling author Swami A. Parthasarathy will present a lecture entitled Governing Business & Relationships at The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center at 10:30 a.m.

“Hosted by Vedanta Institute Los Angeles and a group of local supporters, the free event will introduce the philosophy of Vedanta, share knowledge on the practice of intellectual development and teach individuals how they can elevate their lives and achieve the ultimate goal of Self-realization.

“The theme of the speaking event, Governing Business & Relationships, focuses on self-development through study and reflection of the higher values of life rather than correcting the external world.

“Swami Parthasarathy will discuss basic concepts within the corporate world such as value systems, work ethics, stress management, productivity, leadership and time management.

“Swami Parthasarathy will deliver a powerful presentation on how the audience can attain success and enhance their personal and professional lives, culminating with a 20-minute Q&A.

“Swami Parthasarathy is a pre-eminent philosopher who has dedicated his life to the study, practice and education of Vedanta. As a post-grad from London University, Swami Parthasarathy has written 11 books, including three bestsellers. He is acclaimed as one of the leading corporate gurus working with organizations such as Young Presidents’ Organization and Harvard University, as well as huge corporation brands like Google and Walt Disney.

“He is also the founder and chief lecturer of the Vedanta Academy, a unique educational institution in Mumbai, India designed to develop the intellect.