The Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park

Cuvier Park, also known as “The Wedding Bowl,” is a small park located at Coast Blvd and Cuvier Street in La Jolla. Why The Wedding Bowl? That’s easy; it’s the most beautiful and highly sought after Wedding Ceremony location in San Diego. La Jolla translated means “The Jewel” and The Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park is one of La Jolla’s perfect gems. It is located directly across the street from the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, two blocks from the historic Darlington House and a quick drive to the Cuvier Club, the La Jolla Woman’s Club and La Jolla Cove Suites. Cuvier Park is convenient and is the ideal place to say those treasured vows.

The park has a capacity for 40 people and is reserved through permits. The city issues just one permit per day for a wedding ceremony at this park. Although receptions aren’t allowed to take place there, it is usually common for the reception to continue at venues nearby.

La Jolla Weddings - The Wedding Bowl

The park is nestled just above the beach and is lined with palm trees and offers two separate entrances for the carefully orchestrated ceremony procession. It has a stairway and a long beautiful walkway to accommodate the bride for impressive access to the ceremony. The park site is about five steps below street level, so it is hard to see from the street. Cuvier Park offers a breathtaking view overlooking La Jolla Cove.

It is the most popular spot for weddings along the La Jolla Coastline. This wedding location is such a favorite that couples must put their names in a lottery a year in advance for some favorite summer weekends, making it a perfect spot for photographers to capture those moments by the sea.

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